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Montenegro is only up to two hours flight from main European capitals and it has great airline connections for China through Istanbul and Moscow. Montenegro offers Chinese tourists a visa free regime and a very simple procedure for business visitors.

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Montenegro is located in South East Europe in Balkan Peninsula. It was part of Social Federative Republic of Yugoslavia and it regained its independence in 2006. Montenegro is a parliamentary democracy and is known as a stable political and economic society. Montenegro’s orientation is progressive and liberal with accent on economic development and with no discrimination to nationalities and religions or ethnicity. European Union is considering Montenegro as the most serious candidate to be the next member of EU.


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Basic information about Montenegro:

  • Population: 625,266
  • Area: 13,812 km2
  • Coast line: 293.5 km
  • Capital City: Podgorica
  • Currency:
  • Sunny days per year: approx. 240
  • Member of: NATO, WTO, UNWTO
  • In the process of joining European Union
  • Natural resources: forests, agricultural land, pure water, bauxite, coal
  • 4 international airports (2 in Montenegro and 2 within 50 km from state border)
  • 4 international airports (2 in Montenegro and 2 within 50 km from state border)
  • Only up to 2 hours flight from main Middle East and European capitals
  • 1 international cargo Port – Bar
  • Cargo railway connection to Europe
  • Highway from Bar to Belgrade in process of building

Basic economic information about Montenegro:

  • GDP/GDP per capita:
  • GDP growth 2018:
  • Predicted GDP growth 2019:
  • Foreign direct investments 2017:
  • FDI growth 2017:
  • Current ongoing investment projects worth: $3,500,000,000
  • Tourism revenue 2017: over $1,000,000,000
  • foreign capital companies registered in Montenegro – 7000
  • days needed to register a LLC company in Montenegro – 5
  • minimal founding capital for LLC company in Montenegro – 1 €
  • number of countries investing in Montenegro – 90
  • Only up to 2 hours flight from main Middle East and European capitals
  • the corporate profit tax in Montenegro  – 9%


Investing in Montenegro

Montenegro economic system is oriented to private initiative and investments. Business oriented Government that understands the needs of a 21 st century economy and a favourable system encourage many investors to start their business in Montenegro. Montenegrin economy and foreign direct investments are in constant growth and it is predicted to continue that way. Currently, there are over USD 4 billion worth of investment projects in progress in Montenegro. As an example of economy prosperity in Montenegro – in 2005 yearly tourism income was around $ 200 million, while in 2018 it was more than $ 1 billion. United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) predicts Montenegrin tourism will grow at a 7 – 10% yearly or year. Montenegro is a member of NATO and is in process of joining European Union as the most progressive candidate in the Balkans. Although not a full time member, Montenegro enjoys visa free regime with EU, unlimited trading and EU funds access. Montenegro is also a member of several trade organizations including World Trade Organization (WTO) and Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA). Foreign investors and companies have national treatment in Montenegro and foreign citizens have freehold ownership rights for real estate properties. In 2019, Montenegro is introducing a citizenship by investment program that will offer 2,000 slots for investors who want to become citizens of Montenegro. Monte-Sino Investment Services provides consulting services for this program.


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