Welcome to the Monte-Sino Investment Services Ltd. website. Our mission is to connect the markets of South East Europe and China. We are committed to presenting investment and cooperation opportunities to Chinese investors and helping European companies make their way to Chinese markets. Here on our website you can find basic information about our services, news about the company and information about the countries we cover, as well as relevant news about our key markets.

If you are interested in expanding to new markets or growing your capital by investing, we are offering opportunities in energy, tourism, real estate, technology, agriculture and infrastructure, in greenfield, brownfield or operating stages. We provide full support when it comes to investing, whether it’s tender bidding or direct investment. Our offer also includes full scope of corporate services, starting from company registration and working permits, to legal support, HR or business development.

If you are looking for a second home, we can offer Montenegrin Immigration Program, as well as a variety of real estate opportunities. Passport of a country that will soon be part of European Union is a valuable thing to have and we can help you choose your investment, gather documentation and handle your passport application.

We fully understand how challenging it is to invest in a foreign country and that it is very important to have a reliable partner and receive accurate information to make a decision. We are here to provide full set of information for you, regarding legal and tax systems, Government policies, country markets, etc. We also invite you to take on an investment tour with us and see for yourself. Our clients come to visit us, receive information, meet relevant people and get to know the projects first hand. We recommend the itinerary, book the meetings and provide all logistics for your visit.

Our vision is expressed by words “We Build Bridges between Businesses”. But those are much more than words to us. Those are the guiding stars we go by while working for our clients, or better, while working for you. Using our international business experience and working with top tier partners in every industry is how we achieve our and our clients’ goals.

We hope you will find useful information on our website and if you have any questions, it’s very easy to contact us.

Looking forward to doing business with you,


Monte-Sino Investment Services Ltd. team